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What is Twitch?

Twitch is one of the very popular online services which is meant for streaming and watching digital video broadcasts. Initially, when it started, Twitch was all about video games. However, later it got expanded and now you can see streams which are dedicated to TV series, talk shows, music, and even artwork creations.

If you want to view Twitch streams, you must visit the official website of Twitch. You can also choose one of the official Twitch apps. These apps are available on both Android and iOS devices. They are even made available on NVIDIA SHIELD, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV, Sony’s PlayStation, and even on Xbox 360. There is no need to pay anything to watch videos and broadcasts on Twitch and it doesn’t even demand viewers to get a login.

But when the users create an account in Twitch they are allowed to add favorite channels of their choice and through that they can follow a list. They can even participate in the stream’s chatroom when they log in.

For Twitch streamers

Twitch always recommends streams to show up on the front page of both its apps and websites. There is one more popular way through which you can discover Twitch channels which are new. That is you can go and browse in the Games category. This is the option that is made available in all the apps and even on the websites. There are many other categories wherein you can explore like Creative, Popular, communities, and discover. These are the popular categories that are found in the Browse section on the main site. You may not see them in Twitch apps.

The majority of the popular streamers of Twitch are mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. This is the reason these are the social networks that can be used to discover new streamers. Hence making use of social media is the best way to find new streamers. You will get complete information like their interests and personality. Twitch stream, Twitch Streamer, and Streamer, are the recommended keywords which can be used when searching on Twitter.

It’s something more than Video games

Even though it began serving just video games, today it is something more than that. Today Twitch is serving varieties of live streams and it is targeting a better audience. One of the non-gaming categories which have become very popular is In Real Life or IRL. This category features chatting service wherein streamers can chat with real viewers. Another non-gaming option which is Talk shows is also highly popular and offers mix of podcasts, panel discussions, and varieties of shows. There is Cooking category as well which offers a wide range of food shows and cooking shows.

If you are looking for something related to art, then you should check out a category called Creative. This is the best place where the creative process and ideas are shared by designers, cosplayers, animators, programmers, and artists. This is the best stream in Twitch which is attracting wide range of audiences compared to other categories.

Is this a social network?

In past years Twitch is introducing new features on a regular basis. Through this Twitch has evolved significantly and today it is more than a usual streaming media. The majority of the users have opinion that Twitch resembles a social network like Facebook. This is because users in Twitch can follow and they can also exchange Direct Messages (DM) with others. Each and every stream in Twitch offers unique chat room through which users get connected.

More than anything there is one more very popular feature in Twitch which resembles Twitter and Facebook called Pulse. Through this feature, users can share their posts and status. They can also share, comment, and even like on posts by others. The features mentioned here can also be used in Twitch mobile apps.

Affiliates and partners

These are nothing but special kinds of accounts offered by Twitch. These are meant for broadcasts and monetization. Anyone can choose to become a Twitch partner or affiliate. But there are certain requirements like number of followers and popularity. Once you are Twitch affiliate, you will be given access to Bits. This is nothing but mini-donations which comes from viewers. Even Twitch partners get these kinds of perks.

Final thoughts

Twitch is no more limited to one thing. It is a bundle of offers. There are people who are making living through Twitch. There is a huge number of streamers who are actually making full time living through this platform. They succeed in this through streaming and using paid subscriptions. They may also use micro-donations, regular donations, advertisements, sponsorships, and even affiliate sales. There is also a whole sector of Twitch girls that use the platform to funnel towards their premium adult content. On their twitch channel they have content that is not explicit, but they promote paid explicit content on platforms like https://FreeFuckbook.App as seen here. This provides a great marketing tool for their adult content.

When we think of competitor to Twitch, YouTube comes on top of the list. YouTube gaming is one of the categories which is competing with video game streaming on Twitch. But even today Twitch is the most popular service for video games and for streaming. It is also used mostly for game-related content as well. Twitch is the first company which started video streaming which is completely dedicated to video games.

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