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How to Start Your Own Podcast

A podcast is an audio form of blogging where ideas, thoughts, and surveys are presented all around the world. Despite technological advances in different aspects, podcasts have always been everyone’s favorite. Setting up an own podcast isn’t as tough as it was a decade ago. Everyone has computers for daily use. Open sources for audio editing are available providing quality services. The detailed information regarding the process of starting your podcast is as below.

Set up:

Setting up a podcast first needs to have the basic essence of what the podcast is going to be. The aim of the podcast would set the nature of the audience who would be interested in it. There are thousands of podcasts all around the world. Ideas and creativity can make the podcast stand out. Essential Equipment for podcast includes a broadcasting microphone. This alters the other sound waves and gives quality audio. Some of the best microphones are Samson Go Mic, Blue Yeti USB microphone and MXL74. All of these are high priced microphones that are worth buying for a long set up of podcasts. Install audio editing software. Use free software or purchased one. The popular free apps are iRig Recorder and Spreaker. Generally, people start with free editing software as they have equal potential to paid ones. Every computer or laptop has a recording application. If it is not there, install it. The handy recorder is also worthy of equipment. You never know when an idea might pop up. Recording interesting things going on, writing notes and talking about them on the podcast is also a practice among many audio bloggers.


Content for a podcast is more crucial than everyone gives it credit. Once a topic or area is chosen for a podcast, millions of ideas pop into your head. Having one perfect idea is never possible. Try looking out for other related podcasts and exploring. Once you know the marketplace of similar topics, you get to know how to make your ideas creative and attractive. The other rules of content preparation like topic, structure, interaction and precise conclusion play a crucial rule to have more listeners with every episode. At this point if you can think of a topic, it seems like there is a podcast for it. The medium has become so popular that there are shows for countless industry-specific and niche topics and themes. Everything from adult dating where the host discusses how to find a fuckbookhookup to topics as specific as you can imagine. Not only limited to adult content, podcasts have caught fire with people of all ages.

Length of the podcast:

Having a debate about the length of the podcast never got anyone an accurate result. It depends on the type of podcast you are going to host. For solo podcasts, short and crisp talks work best. For dual, formal interviews can be as long as half an hour or an hour. An informal dual podcast can last 20 minutes, which depends on the entertainment they are giving. The time can vary depending on what type of content you are trying to sell. Boring long conversations wouldn’t be much of an interest for anyone. Removing additional content, unnecessary pauses and fake looking lines make a lot of difference. It is often possible for speakers to edit away the content which doesn’t sound right while speaking.

Editing podcasts:

This is equally important than any other step while starting a podcast. It is possible to not know every technical aspect of audio editing. Learning basic features before you start is an excellent way to self-edit your podcasts the way you want them to be. Taking the help of someone is also an option, but whom better can you trust than yourself? Listening skills play a huge role while editing. Knowing the difference in sounds, knowing a positive sound, negative sound and pitch of the voice which shows confidence. You can use YouTube tutorials to have a quick tour of audio editing lessons.

Extra adders to your podcast:

Music is usually an unsaid rule. Having introductory music and probably also a few words make the podcast lively. This part is made perfectly and added unchanged to each uploaded podcast. Advertisements in podcasts need a separate recording according to the deal. It depends on the negotiations you have with your sponsor. Having a sponsor, advertiser and many more happens when people listen to your podcast consistently. There is usually an eye-catchy poster with a face, simple letters or just colors. Being direct in a poster is crucial. It will be the face of the podcast and having a simple picture works too. Usually, the most famous podcasts had their best posters after they became famous. Any way works with additional materials.

Creative people come up with unique ideas to interact with listeners and make the podcast as lively as possible. Having guests, or dual person talk podcasts have been a big hit many times. The limitation in the podcast is voice only entertainment where people with witty minds and quick retorts while speaking give good entertainment. Some podcasts give more than entertainment by giving news, facts and interesting results of a survey.

Collaboration is another big hit among people. Having an amazing idea and being able to do it with a famous person like YouTuber, social media influencer or anyone with enough following is self-marketing.

Marketing a podcast:

It is a possibility that despite doing every task carefully, a failed podcast can be the result. This wouldn’t necessarily mean your idea has failed. There is another part where marketing is done. Having good marketing skills can make a decent podcast with information into the top 10 best podcasts all over the world. The impact you can have with marketing is huge. First most thing, do not forget to share it among your family, friends, and colleagues who come to a step forward to listen and give you honest feedback. For social inactive people, you could post the link on your social media and learn about how social media marketing works. Having pages, Instagram account, twitter handles is a must these days to have an interactive audience. While sharing, also consider the type of audience you are trying to get along with. For scientists, you would only share your findings with fellow scientists for better inputs from different people.

In the end, all that brings the difference is your idea and content. Without a unique idea and articulate content, it is impossible to reach anywhere with a podcast.

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