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How to Start Your Own Podcast

A podcast is an audio form of blogging where ideas, thoughts, and surveys are presented all around the world. Despite technological advances in different aspects, podcasts have always been everyone’s favorite. Setting up an own podcast isn’t as tough as it was a decade ago. Everyone has computers for daily use. Open sources for audio editing are available providing quality services. The detailed information regarding the process of starting your podcast is as below.

Set up:

Setting up a podcast first needs to have the basic essence of what the podcast is going to be. The aim of the podcast would set the nature of the audience who would be interested in it. There are thousands of podcasts all around the world. Ideas and creativity can make the podcast stand out. Essential Equipment for podcast includes a broadcasting microphone. This alters the other sound waves and gives quality audio. Some of the best microphones are Samson Go Mic, Blue Yeti USB microphone and MXL74. All of these are high priced microphones that are worth buying for a long set up of podcasts. Install audio editing software. Use free software or purchased one. The popular free apps are iRig Recorder and Spreaker. Generally, people start with free editing software as they have equal potential to paid ones. Every computer or laptop has a recording application. If it is not there, install it. The handy recorder is also worthy of equipment. You never know when an idea might pop up. Recording interesting things going on, writing notes and talking about them on the podcast is also a practice among many audio bloggers.


Content for a podcast is more crucial than everyone gives it credit. Once a topic or area is chosen for a podcast, millions of ideas pop into your head. Having one perfect idea is never possible. Try looking out for other related podcasts and exploring. Once you know the marketplace of similar topics, you get to know how to make your ideas creative and attractive. The other rules of content preparation like topic, structure, interaction and precise conclusion play a crucial rule to have more listeners with every episode. At this point if you can think of a topic, it seems like there is a podcast for it. The medium has become so popular that there are shows for countless industry-specific and niche topics and themes. Everything from adult dating where the host discusses how to find a fuckbookhookup to topics as specific as you can imagine. Not only limited to adult content, podcasts have caught fire with people of all ages.

Length of the podcast:

Having a debate about the length of the podcast never got anyone an accurate result. It depends on the type of podcast you are going to host. For solo podcasts, short and crisp talks work best. For dual, formal interviews can be as long as half an hour or an hour. An informal dual podcast can last 20 minutes, which depends on the entertainment they are giving. The time can vary depending on what type of content you are trying to sell. Boring long conversations wouldn’t be much of an interest for anyone. Removing additional content, unnecessary pauses and fake looking lines make a lot of difference. It is often possible for speakers to edit away the content which doesn’t sound right while speaking.

Editing podcasts:

This is equally important than any other step while starting a podcast. It is possible to not know every technical aspect of audio editing. Learning basic features before you start is an excellent way to self-edit your podcasts the way you want them to be. Taking the help of someone is also an option, but whom better can you trust than yourself? Listening skills play a huge role while editing. Knowing the difference in sounds, knowing a positive sound, negative sound and pitch of the voice which shows confidence. You can use YouTube tutorials to have a quick tour of audio editing lessons.

Extra adders to your podcast:

Music is usually an unsaid rule. Having introductory music and probably also a few words make the podcast lively. This part is made perfectly and added unchanged to each uploaded podcast. Advertisements in podcasts need a separate recording according to the deal. It depends on the negotiations you have with your sponsor. Having a sponsor, advertiser and many more happens when people listen to your podcast consistently. There is usually an eye-catchy poster with a face, simple letters or just colors. Being direct in a poster is crucial. It will be the face of the podcast and having a simple picture works too. Usually, the most famous podcasts had their best posters after they became famous. Any way works with additional materials.

Creative people come up with unique ideas to interact with listeners and make the podcast as lively as possible. Having guests, or dual person talk podcasts have been a big hit many times. The limitation in the podcast is voice only entertainment where people with witty minds and quick retorts while speaking give good entertainment. Some podcasts give more than entertainment by giving news, facts and interesting results of a survey.

Collaboration is another big hit among people. Having an amazing idea and being able to do it with a famous person like YouTuber, social media influencer or anyone with enough following is self-marketing.

Marketing a podcast:

It is a possibility that despite doing every task carefully, a failed podcast can be the result. This wouldn’t necessarily mean your idea has failed. There is another part where marketing is done. Having good marketing skills can make a decent podcast with information into the top 10 best podcasts all over the world. The impact you can have with marketing is huge. First most thing, do not forget to share it among your family, friends, and colleagues who come to a step forward to listen and give you honest feedback. For social inactive people, you could post the link on your social media and learn about how social media marketing works. Having pages, Instagram account, twitter handles is a must these days to have an interactive audience. While sharing, also consider the type of audience you are trying to get along with. For scientists, you would only share your findings with fellow scientists for better inputs from different people.

In the end, all that brings the difference is your idea and content. Without a unique idea and articulate content, it is impossible to reach anywhere with a podcast.

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What is Twitch?

Twitch is one of the very popular online services which is meant for streaming and watching digital video broadcasts. Initially, when it started, Twitch was all about video games. However, later it got expanded and now you can see streams which are dedicated to TV series, talk shows, music, and even artwork creations.

If you want to view Twitch streams, you must visit the official website of Twitch. You can also choose one of the official Twitch apps. These apps are available on both Android and iOS devices. They are even made available on NVIDIA SHIELD, Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon’s Fire TV, Sony’s PlayStation, and even on Xbox 360. There is no need to pay anything to watch videos and broadcasts on Twitch and it doesn’t even demand viewers to get a login.

But when the users create an account in Twitch they are allowed to add favorite channels of their choice and through that they can follow a list. They can even participate in the stream’s chatroom when they log in.

For Twitch streamers

Twitch always recommends streams to show up on the front page of both its apps and websites. There is one more popular way through which you can discover Twitch channels which are new. That is you can go and browse in the Games category. This is the option that is made available in all the apps and even on the websites. There are many other categories wherein you can explore like Creative, Popular, communities, and discover. These are the popular categories that are found in the Browse section on the main site. You may not see them in Twitch apps.

The majority of the popular streamers of Twitch are mostly active on Instagram and Twitter. This is the reason these are the social networks that can be used to discover new streamers. Hence making use of social media is the best way to find new streamers. You will get complete information like their interests and personality. Twitch stream, Twitch Streamer, and Streamer, are the recommended keywords which can be used when searching on Twitter.

It’s something more than Video games

Even though it began serving just video games, today it is something more than that. Today Twitch is serving varieties of live streams and it is targeting a better audience. One of the non-gaming categories which have become very popular is In Real Life or IRL. This category features chatting service wherein streamers can chat with real viewers. Another non-gaming option which is Talk shows is also highly popular and offers mix of podcasts, panel discussions, and varieties of shows. There is Cooking category as well which offers a wide range of food shows and cooking shows.

If you are looking for something related to art, then you should check out a category called Creative. This is the best place where the creative process and ideas are shared by designers, cosplayers, animators, programmers, and artists. This is the best stream in Twitch which is attracting wide range of audiences compared to other categories.

Is this a social network?

In past years Twitch is introducing new features on a regular basis. Through this Twitch has evolved significantly and today it is more than a usual streaming media. The majority of the users have opinion that Twitch resembles a social network like Facebook. This is because users in Twitch can follow and they can also exchange Direct Messages (DM) with others. Each and every stream in Twitch offers unique chat room through which users get connected.

More than anything there is one more very popular feature in Twitch which resembles Twitter and Facebook called Pulse. Through this feature, users can share their posts and status. They can also share, comment, and even like on posts by others. The features mentioned here can also be used in Twitch mobile apps.

Affiliates and partners

These are nothing but special kinds of accounts offered by Twitch. These are meant for broadcasts and monetization. Anyone can choose to become a Twitch partner or affiliate. But there are certain requirements like number of followers and popularity. Once you are Twitch affiliate, you will be given access to Bits. This is nothing but mini-donations which comes from viewers. Even Twitch partners get these kinds of perks.

Final thoughts

Twitch is no more limited to one thing. It is a bundle of offers. There are people who are making living through Twitch. There is a huge number of streamers who are actually making full time living through this platform. They succeed in this through streaming and using paid subscriptions. They may also use micro-donations, regular donations, advertisements, sponsorships, and even affiliate sales. There is also a whole sector of Twitch girls that use the platform to funnel towards their premium adult content. On their twitch channel they have content that is not explicit, but they promote paid explicit content on platforms like https://FreeFuckbook.App as seen here. This provides a great marketing tool for their adult content.

When we think of competitor to Twitch, YouTube comes on top of the list. YouTube gaming is one of the categories which is competing with video game streaming on Twitch. But even today Twitch is the most popular service for video games and for streaming. It is also used mostly for game-related content as well. Twitch is the first company which started video streaming which is completely dedicated to video games.

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How To Get Started On TikTok And Build A Following

After the social media revolution across the years there have been many applications created related to games, media, entertainment etc. When you browse Google play store for installing any application related to your interest you will find a wide variety of these apps. Whether you want to install a game or a music app you will really get many to choose from. There are a large number of people across the world who loves to act, sing and dance and for their interest the play store is flooded with this kind of application. There are, song recording apps as well as you can make videos of your singing with the help of background and sound effects. They provide you with studio-like surround sound music with lyrics and track beats. Many people enjoy making their videos with their singing talent. For dance and acting lovers also you can find a variety of applications which provide you with famous dialogues to act on or songs to dance on your favorite numbers.

Tik Tok is one of these famous apps across the world for the music and acting lovers which give you a platform to make short, funny and sweet videos. By its launch in 2017 by a Beijing based networking company it became extremely famous in many countries all over the world. At Tik Tok users can make comedy or mimicry videos with its lip synching feature. Videos are short, sweet yet funny as well as people can showcase their acting and dancing talent too by making and sharing their videos on social media platforms. It gives you a platform to make and share your videos on various online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Snapchat etc. There are a wide variety of famous dance numbers for the people who want to make their dance videos and many famous dialogues of movies or actors to act on to show your talent to the world. People enjoy making short and funny videos too to share some laughter with friends and family.

To Get Started:

To get started on Tik Tok first you have to download the app from the Google play store. After getting installed, you have to fill up some basic information about yourself like name and your mail ID etc. You can also login through Google to make your tik tok ID and password saved as you should enter a strong password to make your account safe. Privacy patterns can be set as per your wish as you can make either your account private or can make it public. Most of the people make it private to get insured that their account would not get hacked nor any private video or information leaked by anyone. After making an account on that you can start making your short and different kind of sweet videos which can be dance based or showing your acting talent on any dialogue or your own creative skills.

How to Increase More Followers:

First of all to get more and more followers you have to create an impactful profile which can attract people to like or follow your account. So presentation is an important thing to do. After that when one starts making his or her videos they should use the background and editing features to make their video more charming as a little bit of editing in their videos like brightness, contrast, sound effects, or a relatable background can make the videos more impressive than before. Videos should not be very long as it can make people bored, so it should be short, sweet as well as impactful. After making the videos one should post them on every social platforms like FB, Insta and many more available sites because more sharing will increase more viewers and it will increase the chances to make more fans or followers because if they will like your videos they will like, comment and share them more with their contacts and on their pages. So, more shares mean chances to increase more fan following of your videos. Beside this there are many tik tok challenges being held of hashtags on different topics. So to make yourself recognized you should actively take part in these challenges.

Apart from these tips one can also make dual or collaborating videos to enhance bonding as well as popularity of his or her videos. More popularity can increase more following for their Tik Tok videos.

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The Most Successful Radio Personalities

Though radio hosts stay invisible to our eyes, their charismatic voice and charm have never ceased to appeal to the audience. From Ryan Seacrest to Rush Limbaugh – they are among the highest-paid radio show hosts. Here are a few most successful radio personalities that you must know about!

Howard Stern

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 31: Howard Stern attends “Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash” presented by SiriusXM, produced by Howard Stern Productions at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Salary – $95 million

The man with a sharp wit sure knows how to get the US president reveal some shocking reactions. And undoubtedly he hosts the richest radio show you’ve ever tuned into. Even if we count his salary of $80 million of Sirius XM radio, he’ll still be the number one show host. He is also the co host on the popular show America’s Got Talent which allows him to earn $15 million per year!

Rush Limbaugh

Salary – $77 million

With $77 million salary, Rush Limbaugh occupies the second rank as the highest paid and most successful radio show host. He is every inch of a Renaissance man. And he hosts one of the top rated radio talk show Talk Stream Live that accounts for a whopping bulk of $77 million per year. This number is revealed by Forbes. Other than hosting radio shows, Limbaugh is an author of children and adult’s books and often appear on the TV as well.

Ryan Seacrest

Salary – $65 million

Well he sure is a controversial character. But you have to admit, no matter how much you dislike it, you cannot ignore him. That’s his charm! He may be prone to make some awkward moments on camera which make his fans at an awkward position, but oh man, he is one of the most successful radio show host! Though he is famous for his timely gigs on TV, Seacrest’s iHeart Radio show brings the major part of his salary per year.

Sean Hannity

Salary – $29 million

With $29 million of salary, he hosts Fox News Channel. He is also an author other than being a radio personality. Well, his resume is quite similar to Glen Beck you see! His salary comes mostly from radio shows, though he frequently appears on TV talk shows and earn handful of money. He is one of the most popular radio persona for the audience and he sure has a musical voice! Have you been listening to him? Comment below and let us know!

Glenn Beck

Salary – $16.5 million

Glen Beck was one of the most popular radio persona in Fox News Channel but he left it sometime ago to set his own channel. Later on he founded Mercury Radio Arts that includes the famous website The Blaze. This is a publishing forum for the channel and touchwood the channel is really paying off! All thanks to Beck’s charisma! Overall, as per Forbes, he makes a whopping $16.5 million from his own channel! See, that’s called confidence! That’s yet another reason for which we love Beck right? He sure is another word for passion, hard work and confidence!

Laura Ingraham

Salary – $15 million

Okay, enough of the men, now let’s talk some ladies! Laura Ingraham has a commendable touch of elegance though she sometimes create some controversy with her over excitement. For instance, she attacked the NFL for donating some bucks to the causes of social justice, and well she had to pay for it. This Fox News Channel host has another identity as well. She writes books and between hosting the TV and radio shows and writing books, the forever young woman earns $15 million per year! Oh, not bad right!

Michael Savage

Salary – $10 million

So as we have already mentioned, we only listen but don’t see the radio persona, but we sure love to see the handsome guy Michael Savage on TV. He is not only one of the highest paid and highest rated radio show hosts in the whole US Westwood One, his broadcasted show the Savage Nation earns him more than $10 million per year.

Tom Joyner

Salary – $10 million

Through the popular show Reach Media, Joyner has reached over 70% of the US population and earns a whopping $10 million from hosting.

So, here are some most famous, successful, and highest-paid radio personalities. Though they have a side business like TV shows and gigs, the most part of their salary comes from the radio shows. And not only in terms of money, they have also received great favour from their fans with their amazing personalities and charm. Have you been listening to any of them? Who is your favorite! Don’t forget to comment below and share your words!

What’s your take on our article? Let us know and share it with your friends! And the next time you tune into the radio, must remember to check them out!

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What is Slacker Radio?

Slacker Radio is a free internet-based radio service. It is a live streaming platform providing music streaming. It is available to audiences based in the United States and Canada. Slacker Radio makes use of data-driven personalization, thereby providing recommendations based on its user’s preferences.

Slacker Radio provides both free as well as subscription-based models to its users. Its database consists of music of various genres and music-centric stations. It also offers specials focused on live music, lifestyle, celebrities, and news, among others.

This radio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, Inc. It is a global company catered towards providing live entertainment. Users can access the radio on their smartphones through mobile apps, on laptops as well as desktops.

Slacker Radio subscribers can customize their feed to create different stations. One can even create playlists. Slackers can also personalize and synchronize the playlists and stations according to the preferences of the user to the web or the mobile device.

Features Of Slacker Radio

The mobile application of Slacker Radio worked on both Android as well as iOS platforms. BlackBerry, Windows, and WebOS also support it. It provides playback from both Wi-Fi as well as 3G connections. It has numerous features, such as the few mentioned below:

  • Creating a station
  • Recently played station
  • Artist biographies
  • Album art
  • Lyrics

Its access is also built into the music applications of Tesla Model S, X. LiveX’s Slacker Radio provides traditional and specialty genres. It’s content programmers pre-programmed artist stations into the app. In addition to this, the app lets its end users build stations of particular artists.


Users can then continue to personalize their stations by rating their favorite songs or removing particular artists or songs. There are several other settings in which the users can make use of while customizing their stations, such as hits or depth, the inclusion of their favorites, and classic material. The music can also be coupled with sports, news updates, and DJ banter. Moreover, Slacker Radio additionally offers access to over 40 live-streamed music events per year, including Rolling Loud, Rock In Rio, and iHeart Country.

When a user searches for a specific artist or band, Slacker Radio instantly creates a new station based on the sought musician along with a couple of other similar artists. This feature lets the users discover new artists related to the ones they already like. Furthermore, by inputting the artists they already prefer into their stations, Slacker Radio will add other artists and songs which are on similar lines. The application developers have also added pre-programmed stations that are themed according to different festivals, holidays, and artists, among others.

In the news sections, Slacker provides news from ABC News station. It also added ESPN channels to it. Slacker Radio has three different account types. The first one being the primary radio, which is free; the other two have a monetary aspect attached to them. The free version includes ads that occur after every few songs while the paid versions eliminate the ads. The audio quality also goes on increasing as the version quality increases. According to the amount the user is willing to pay, the features go on increasing.

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