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The Most Successful Radio Personalities

Though radio hosts stay invisible to our eyes, their charismatic voice and charm have never ceased to appeal to the audience. From Ryan Seacrest to Rush Limbaugh – they are among the highest-paid radio show hosts. Here are a few most successful radio personalities that you must know about!

Howard Stern

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 31: Howard Stern attends “Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash” presented by SiriusXM, produced by Howard Stern Productions at Hammerstein Ballroom on January 31, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Salary – $95 million

The man with a sharp wit sure knows how to get the US president reveal some shocking reactions. And undoubtedly he hosts the richest radio show you’ve ever tuned into. Even if we count his salary of $80 million of Sirius XM radio, he’ll still be the number one show host. He is also the co host on the popular show America’s Got Talent which allows him to earn $15 million per year!

Rush Limbaugh

Salary – $77 million

With $77 million salary, Rush Limbaugh occupies the second rank as the highest paid and most successful radio show host. He is every inch of a Renaissance man. And he hosts one of the top rated radio talk show Talk Stream Live that accounts for a whopping bulk of $77 million per year. This number is revealed by Forbes. Other than hosting radio shows, Limbaugh is an author of children and adult’s books and often appear on the TV as well.

Ryan Seacrest

Salary – $65 million

Well he sure is a controversial character. But you have to admit, no matter how much you dislike it, you cannot ignore him. That’s his charm! He may be prone to make some awkward moments on camera which make his fans at an awkward position, but oh man, he is one of the most successful radio show host! Though he is famous for his timely gigs on TV, Seacrest’s iHeart Radio show brings the major part of his salary per year.

Sean Hannity

Salary – $29 million

With $29 million of salary, he hosts Fox News Channel. He is also an author other than being a radio personality. Well, his resume is quite similar to Glen Beck you see! His salary comes mostly from radio shows, though he frequently appears on TV talk shows and earn handful of money. He is one of the most popular radio persona for the audience and he sure has a musical voice! Have you been listening to him? Comment below and let us know!

Glenn Beck

Salary – $16.5 million

Glen Beck was one of the most popular radio persona in Fox News Channel but he left it sometime ago to set his own channel. Later on he founded Mercury Radio Arts that includes the famous website The Blaze. This is a publishing forum for the channel and touchwood the channel is really paying off! All thanks to Beck’s charisma! Overall, as per Forbes, he makes a whopping $16.5 million from his own channel! See, that’s called confidence! That’s yet another reason for which we love Beck right? He sure is another word for passion, hard work and confidence!

Laura Ingraham

Salary – $15 million

Okay, enough of the men, now let’s talk some ladies! Laura Ingraham has a commendable touch of elegance though she sometimes create some controversy with her over excitement. For instance, she attacked the NFL for donating some bucks to the causes of social justice, and well she had to pay for it. This Fox News Channel host has another identity as well. She writes books and between hosting the TV and radio shows and writing books, the forever young woman earns $15 million per year! Oh, not bad right!

Michael Savage

Salary – $10 million

So as we have already mentioned, we only listen but don’t see the radio persona, but we sure love to see the handsome guy Michael Savage on TV. He is not only one of the highest paid and highest rated radio show hosts in the whole US Westwood One, his broadcasted show the Savage Nation earns him more than $10 million per year.

Tom Joyner

Salary – $10 million

Through the popular show Reach Media, Joyner has reached over 70% of the US population and earns a whopping $10 million from hosting.

So, here are some most famous, successful, and highest-paid radio personalities. Though they have a side business like TV shows and gigs, the most part of their salary comes from the radio shows. And not only in terms of money, they have also received great favour from their fans with their amazing personalities and charm. Have you been listening to any of them? Who is your favorite! Don’t forget to comment below and share your words!

What’s your take on our article? Let us know and share it with your friends! And the next time you tune into the radio, must remember to check them out!

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