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What is Slacker Radio?

Slacker Radio is a free internet-based radio service. It is a live streaming platform providing music streaming. It is available to audiences based in the United States and Canada. Slacker Radio makes use of data-driven personalization, thereby providing recommendations based on its user’s preferences.

Slacker Radio provides both free as well as subscription-based models to its users. Its database consists of music of various genres and music-centric stations. It also offers specials focused on live music, lifestyle, celebrities, and news, among others.

This radio is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LiveXLive Media, Inc. It is a global company catered towards providing live entertainment. Users can access the radio on their smartphones through mobile apps, on laptops as well as desktops.

Slacker Radio subscribers can customize their feed to create different stations. One can even create playlists. Slackers can also personalize and synchronize the playlists and stations according to the preferences of the user to the web or the mobile device.

Features Of Slacker Radio

The mobile application of Slacker Radio worked on both Android as well as iOS platforms. BlackBerry, Windows, and WebOS also support it. It provides playback from both Wi-Fi as well as 3G connections. It has numerous features, such as the few mentioned below:

  • Creating a station
  • Recently played station
  • Artist biographies
  • Album art
  • Lyrics

Its access is also built into the music applications of Tesla Model S, X. LiveX’s Slacker Radio provides traditional and specialty genres. It’s content programmers pre-programmed artist stations into the app. In addition to this, the app lets its end users build stations of particular artists.


Users can then continue to personalize their stations by rating their favorite songs or removing particular artists or songs. There are several other settings in which the users can make use of while customizing their stations, such as hits or depth, the inclusion of their favorites, and classic material. The music can also be coupled with sports, news updates, and DJ banter. Moreover, Slacker Radio additionally offers access to over 40 live-streamed music events per year, including Rolling Loud, Rock In Rio, and iHeart Country.

When a user searches for a specific artist or band, Slacker Radio instantly creates a new station based on the sought musician along with a couple of other similar artists. This feature lets the users discover new artists related to the ones they already like. Furthermore, by inputting the artists they already prefer into their stations, Slacker Radio will add other artists and songs which are on similar lines. The application developers have also added pre-programmed stations that are themed according to different festivals, holidays, and artists, among others.

In the news sections, Slacker provides news from ABC News station. It also added ESPN channels to it. Slacker Radio has three different account types. The first one being the primary radio, which is free; the other two have a monetary aspect attached to them. The free version includes ads that occur after every few songs while the paid versions eliminate the ads. The audio quality also goes on increasing as the version quality increases. According to the amount the user is willing to pay, the features go on increasing.

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